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Our topical Innovation Streams allow you to dig deeper into the big issues facing the field. We organize opportunities for you to engage with experts, develop new tools or make sure you hear about the innovations of others, and identify important resources from federal and national partners. Connect with us to stay up-to-date!

Families Impacted by Incarceration

Explore innovations in programming, policymaking, and practice that can help support families experiencing the incarceration of a parent.

Family & Community Engagement

Explore tools to build community awareness and action, and to engage families as partners.

Prevention Planning

Explore tools and strategies to support prevention planning at different state and community levels that can be adapted to your circumstances.

Trauma & Resilience

Explore the intersection between child abuse and neglect and trauma, and how to focus on healing from trauma as a recovery and prevention strategy.

Workforce Support

Information, tools and resources on supporting the child welfare and prevention workforce to enhance effectiveness, reduce attrition, and promote worker resilience.

Child Neglect

Understand the complex factors in play that lead to child neglect, the types of interventions that can make an impact, and strategies for prevention.