Prevention Planning

Prevention Planning

There are few shared tools for prevention planning that are used widely across, states, jurisdictions and communities. This not only means that individual prevention planning bodies must spend time and energy recreating tools and processes that others have developed, but it is harder for the field to share and compare data and information. In this innovation stream we explore tools and strategies to support prevention planning at state and community levels that can be adapted to your circumstances.

Spotlight On

From the Field: Getting Ahead of the Curve

A conversation about key issues and information needs for those working at the front end of child welfare.

Child Maltreatment Prevention: A Planning Framework for Action

This Framework offers a comprehensive guide to prevention planning at state and local levels.

Our Tomorrows: Using Story Mapping to Inform Child Abuse and Neglect Planning Efforts

How can we learn from stories in ways that help us develop more effective and targeted prevention services?

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